Click on get started below. Enter your product key to download and install Office 365. – Sign In & Enter Product key| Get Microsoft 365 setup

Get Microsoft 365 setup by visiting Sign in to Microsoft account, enter the product key and get apps quickly. Microsoft 365 is the best way to get all the apps of Office within one subscription. In case you are trying to log in at Microsoft 365 com setup, you can use the other accounts like OneDrive,, Skype, or Xbox Live (if you already are using any of these services). Download & use Microsoft365 setup wizard using site, follow instructions and install apps.

What are the easiest steps to use Microsoft 365 setup?

How to register for Microsoft Office 365 account?

Even though you can register for an office 365 account in a few methods, here the common method is shown that you can follow to create an account;

Where to enroll my Microsoft Office 365 product key?

Before you enroll in Office 365 keycode through or any other, let’s take a quick look at what is Microsoft 365 product key? Microsoft 365 product key is the 25 alphanumeric digits code available at Microsoft store, retail store, and third-party stores. Therefore, you can purchase a copy of the keycode from anywhere, then follow the below steps to use or enter the Office 365 keycode;

If you purchased the key from Microsoft Store, then follow the below steps rather than using Microsoft 365/setup method;

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